Have a vehicle added to the list of eligible new electric vehicles

Automakers are responsible for submitting their new models and versions of electric vehicles to the administrator of the government’s Roulez vert program.

Only automakers can request that a vehicle be added to the list.

Submit a new electric vehicle

An automaker must request the addition to the list of new vehicles of a vehicle as soon as it plans to market it in Québec:

  • a new electric vehicle model;
  • a new version of an existing electric vehicle model;
  • a more recent model year of an existing electric vehicle model.

Based on the information provided by the automaker, the program administrator analyzes the vehicle’s eligibility and establishes the amount of the applicable rebate according to the conditions of the program.

The vehicle is then added to the list of eligible new vehicles disseminated on this website and to the list that car dealers consult in the online services.

Consult the list of eligible new vehicles

The list of new electric vehicles eligible for the rebate is updated regularly.

Form to be completed

The automaker must complete and sign the form and return it to the program administrator.

The information provided will be used by the program administrator to examine whether the vehicles submitted are eligible and, if so, to determine the amount of financial assistance to grant under the program’s conditions.

Please note that a separate, complete vehicle identification number (VIN) must be indicated for each of the versions of a model.

The electric vehicle submitted must be:

  • fully electric;
  • a plug-in hybrid;
  • a hydrogen-powered (fuel cell) vehicle;
  • an electric motorcycle;
  • an electric scooter (a limited-speed electric motorcycle).

Send the form by email to:

Motorization or battery-related components

An option means an accessory whose addition does not alter a vehicle’s intrinsic components.

Modifications of the motorization or the battery are not deemed options under the Roulez vert program.

For example, a vehicle to which four-wheel-drive motorization or an extended-range battery has been added will be deemed a new version of the model.

In the case of a motorization- or battery-related addition to a vehicle, the program administrator will add the price of each component to the MSRP to determine the vehicle’s eligibility and the amount of the rebate.

Credits for the sale of zero-emission vehicles

Since January 2018, automakers that market their vehicles in Québec must comply with the zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) standard and accumulate credits by selling or leasing new or used electric vehicles.

Consult the details of the standard on the ministère de l’Environnement, de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques, de la Faune et des Parcs website:

Last update: January 24, 2024


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