Conditions governing the government financial assistance for an electric vehicle

Québec car dealers can offer the government rebate to their clientele when an electric vehicle is purchased. Details of this program are explained in the section entitled Financial assistance for electric vehicles.

This section provides additional information that is useful for automakers.

Eligible vehicles

It is the car dealer’s responsibility to verify if the vehicle that the customer is considering is on the list of electric vehicles eligible for the program before offering the government rebate.

Vehicle eligibility varies according to the models, versions, and model years.

The lists of eligible vehicles indicate the exact amounts of the applicable rebates.

It is the date on which the vehicle is registered in the customer’s name that is considered to confirm the amount of the rebate granted and the vehicle’s eligibility. The date on which the vehicle was ordered or reserved cannot be considered to establish eligibility for the rebate.

Vehicle options, accessories, and components

Please note that an option means an accessory whose addition does not alter a vehicle’s intrinsic components.

Modifications or additions to the engine or battery, either directly or through software, are not considered options in the Roulez vert program.

For example, a vehicle to which four-wheel-drive motorization or an extended-range battery has been added will be deemed a new version of the model. Software that improves the engine or battery will also be considered an addition.

In the case of a motorization or battery-related addition to a vehicle, the program administrator will add the price of each component to the MSRP to determine the vehicle’s eligibility and the amount of the rebate.

In the event of non-compliance with the conditions of the program, the Québec government can demand the repayment of the financial assistance granted.


More useful information for car dealers

Québec car dealers should refer to the French part of this section to get more information concerning Roulez vert Program.

Last update: July 11, 2023


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