Obtain the rebate through the dealer

You can directly obtain the used electric vehicle government rebate through your dealer.

Application of the rebate

At the time of the transaction and with your authorization, your car dealer will fill out the rebate application for you.

  • Your dealer will ensure that the vehicle is registered in your name.
  • He will verify that you are registered with the program’s online services.
  • He will validate your eligibility and confirm the exact amount of the rebate offered.
  • He will ask you to sign an assignment of rights form. You signature will confirm that you authorize the government to pay your rebate directly to your car dealer, who can apply the amount of the rebate on your purchase contract.

The applicable fees and taxes are calculated before the rebate is applied.

General notice

Register for online services

To obtain the government rebate directly through your dealer, you must already have registered with the Roulez vert program’s online services.

Follow the registration procedure.


Last update: July 11, 2023


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