Eligible used electric vehicles

Only vehicles on the list of eligible used electric vehicles give entitlement to the $3,500 rebate under the government’s Roulez vert program.

Other conditions must also be met when purchasing a used vehicle from a dealership in Québec.

Age of the eligible used vehicles

The used electric vehicles must be between one and four years old in relation to their model year to be eligible for the rebate.

Consult the list of eligible vehicles to determine if the model year of the vehicle is eligible for a rebate.

This condition has applied since April 18, 2023. It only applies to eligible used vehicles registered since April 18, 2023.

If you registered your used electric vehicle between January 1, 2020, and April 18, 2023, your vehicle should be between three and four years old in relation to its model year to be eligible for the used electric vehicle rebate.

Make effective use of the list

Your dealer can help you verify if the model, version, and model year of the used vehicle that you are planning to buy qualify for the rebate.

Here is how to check for yourself:

  • Open the list of eligible used electric vehicles.
  • Select the brand and model that interest you.
  • Check whether the model year and the version of the model that you are planning to buy appear on the list.

If the vehicle that you are seeking, i.e., the combination of the brand, model, version, and model year, do not appear on the list, this means that it is ineligible for the government used electric vehicle rebate.

Updating of the list of used vehicles

New used vehicles are added to the list on January 1 and September 15 of each year.

The September 15 update enables the program administrator to add vehicles from a recent model year that has been marketed new for several months or even more than one year.

Why certain vehicles are ineligible

Several models or versions of electric vehicles are ineligible for the used vehicle rebate. Here are some of the conditions that must be met. 

Type of vehicle

Only all-electric vehicles and hydrogen-powered vehicles are eligible for the used vehicle rebate.

Battery capacity

The battery of a used all-electric vehicle must have a capacity of 8 kWh or more.

Maximum limit of the MSRP

The vehicles included on the list of eligible used vehicles are associated with the equivalent new vehicles, i.e., the same brand, model, and version, whose MSRP is less than $65,000.

This condition officially came into force on April 18, 2023, and applies retroactively to used vehicles registered after April 1, 2022.

Other ineligible vehicles

A used electric vehicle is ineligible for the rebate if it:

  • is subject to a transaction or a donation between individuals;
  • is subject to a transaction between a business and one of its shareholders or directors;
  • has been rebuilt according to the full vehicle history report;
  • has been converted to electric motorization;
  • was acquired with the aim of reselling or long-term leasing at the time of the transaction;
  • was withdrawn at the written request of the manufacturer from the list of eligible used vehicles.
General notice

Only one rebate per vehicle

Only one rebate per electric vehicle can be granted under the Roulez vert program.

A used electric vehicle is not eligible for the rebate if a new or used electric vehicle rebate was already granted for it under the Roulez vert Program.



Last update: October 25, 2023


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