Québec Education Program - Elementary Education

The Québec Education Program (QEP) at the elementary level, which is intended for the use of school staff, comprises programs of study for students from Elementary 1 to Elementary 6. The elements that are presented in the early chapters of the QEP are cross-curricular. The programs of study define the expected learning and are divided into five subject areas. Documents intended to support teaching and learning are also available.

Cross-Curricular Competencies

These cross-curricular competencies (PDF 1.48 Mb) have greater scope than subject-specific competencies, since they go beyond the boundaries of the subject areas. They are used in the subjects as well as in the broad themes for learning, but transcend both insofar as they reflect the convergence, integration or synthesis of learnings acquired over a period of time.

Broad Areas of Learning

The inclusion of these broad areas of learning (PDF 439 Kb) in the Québec Education Program is intended to encourage students to make connections between what they learn at school and in their everyday lives, and to provide them with opportunities to develop an understanding of various life contexts and envision possible actions in specific situations.


Mathematics, Science and Technology

Social Sciences

Arts Education

Personal Development


These scales are no longer prescribed by the Basic school regulation and have been made available to support teaching.

Elementary School (PDF 1.24 Mb)

Cycle One (PDF 328 Kb)

Cycle Two (PDF 334 Kb)

Cycle Three (PDF 318 Kb)

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