Changes to your situation

Here are some examples of changes that you must inform us about because they could modify the amount of your financial assistance instalments:

  • Marital status: you are newly married or you are now living with a spouse.
  • Family situation: you are a new parent or a change has occurred in the custody of your children.
  • Self-supporting student status: you recently obtained a bachelor's degree.
  • Place of residence: you no longer live with your parents or you are returning to live with them.
  • Periods or terms of study: you dropped some or all of your courses, you changed educational institutions, etc.
  • Income: your income or that of your parents, sponsor or spouse has decreased by at least 10%.

You can inform us of these changes by completing the Part-Time Studies Loan Application Update form (PDF 246 Kb).

Last update: May 18, 2023


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