Eligibility requirements

To be eligible to the Loans Program for Part-Time Studies, you must meet the following requierements:

  • Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or have refugee or protected person status.
  • Be considered a Québec resident.
  • Be in part-time student and not a person deemed to be in full-time studies. You are in part-time studies if you are taking courses that correspond to the following number of hours or credits:
    • Secondary school to vocational training: 76 to 179 hours
    • College: 76 to 179 hours
    • University (Undergraduate, Master’s, Doctoral): 6 to 11 credits
  • Be enrolled in an educational institution and a program recognized for the awarding of financial assistance.
  • Respect the eligibility period, that is 14 periods of studies.
  • Respect the debt limit, which is set at $8000.
  • Respect the eligibility threshold, which is determined by your income and that of the person contributing to your studies.

You are not eligible if you are in one of the following situations:

  • You are an auditor, i.e. you are taking courses without being admitted to a program.
  • You are studying outside Québec.
  • You are between 2 periods or terms of full-time studies.
  • Your school fees (application fees, registration fees, tuition fees, etc.) and childcare expenses are paid by another body or ministry during the term for which you are applying.

Eligibility threshold

The eligibility threshold (maximum amount of income) is established based on your student category (with or without a financial contribution from another person).
This amount is adjusted based on your situation:

  • You have biological or adopted children who are in full-time studies and are not considered to be self-supporting.
  • You have custody of a child at least 25% of the time and you are single, separated, divorced or widowed.

You are allowed to work during your studies. However, the income you earn may affect your eligibility. Therefore, if your situation changes during the year, you must advise us immediately.

Consult the loan application guide (PDF 795 Kb) to calculate your eligibility threshold and for more details.

Contact Aide financière aux études, Client Services

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Last update: September 25, 2023


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