Getting a medical consultation with a health professional if you have a family doctor or a specialized nurse practitioner in primary care

To get a consultation with your family doctor, contact the family medicine group (FMG), medical clinic or CLSC (local community services centre) where you usually see your doctor to make an appointment.

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How to get a medical consultation

If your family doctor is not available and if f you are registered with an FMG, you can get an appointment with another doctor at that FMG or see another health professional, such as a nurse or a social worker.

If you cannot get an appointment at your FMG or your clinic, options exist with or without an appointment. Consult the page Getting a medical consultation on same or next day This hyperlink will open in a new window. to find out more.

In cerrtain areas, super-clinics can meet semi-urgent or simple urgent needs such as a persistent fever, the flu, an acute sore throat, a urinary tract infection or a cut that needs stitches.

Some vulnerable clienteles, such as older adults experiencing a significant decrease in autonomy and people with chronic illnesses may be able to access services outside their FMG’s opening hours.

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