The Québec Health Record (QHR) is a communication platform that facilitates the secure and timely sharing of health information between authorized organizations and stakeholders. It supports their delivery of health services for the benefit of users.

Authorized providers may access and consult the information in your QHR. Therefore, the QHR cannot be accessed by all health and social services providers.

Entry of health information

When you consult a health and social services professional (family medicine group, CLSC, emergency room, etc.), your health information is entered in the local record kept at each location where you consult. Some, not all, of the information entered in the local record is automatically shared and stored in the QHR. Only professionals at the location where you consulted can access the information in your local record.

You do not have to register with the QHR. Authorized health information is automatically and systematically collected in the QHR.

Objectives of the Québec Health Record

The objective of the QHR is to improve the quality of care and efficiency of Québec's health care system.

Thanks to the QHR, doctors and other authorized health and social services professionals in Québec who are responsible for your care can provide you with better care and more efficient follow-up. For instance, the QHR allows:

  • professionals to access certain health information directly, no matter what region in Québec you consult in;
  • medical attention to be provided more quickly, especially in an emergency situation, since it takes less time to find certain health information;
  • better management of your samples and examinations and even means that you will not have to have the same sample collected or the examination done several times if you have to see more than one health and social services professional;
  • optimal adjustment of your medication by sharing your medication history and results which, in particular, helps prevent adverse drug interactions;
  • better interprofessional collaboration, since information can be obtained about the health and social services professionals who are responsible for your care and the facilities where you consult.

Last update: May 18, 2018


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