Be a deemed full-time student

To be eligible for a Québec Perspective scholarship, you must complete a minimum of 90 hours at the college level or earn at least 6 credits at the university level and meet one of the following requirements during the study term relevant to the application:

  • Be at least 20 weeks pregnant
  • Live with at least one child (yours or your spouse’s) who is under age 6
  • Be a single parent and live with your child who is under age 12
  • Live with at least one child (yours or your spouse’s) who has a major functional disability or a mental health disorder
  • Be a participant in the Réussir Program or the Basic Income Program
  • Have a disability and benefit from academic accommodations related to attendance
  • Have a serious mental or physical health disorder that occurs irregularly and prevents you from pursuing your studies full-time for more than one month
  • Be deemed a full-time student in your program by your educational institution

Last update: July 31, 2023


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