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Having skills acquired abroad recognized by an employer

If your profession or trade is not regulated in Québec, you can start your job search in your field and apply directly to employers.

The employer may be able to evaluate the skills you have acquired abroad thanks to their knowledge of your specific field.

Comparative evaluation

Your employer may request a Comparative evaluation of studies taken outside of Québec to help them understand your diploma.

Comparative evaluation is not an equivalency of the diploma you earned abroad. It identifies the academic level and field of training in Québec that can be compared to your studies.

Having this evaluation in hand may facilitate your job search process.

Preparing for your job search

The names given to jobs may vary from country to country. In your résumé, it is preferable to focus on the description of your tasks and your competencies acquired abroad.

To prepare yourself well, refer to the job search tips This hyperlink will open in a new window. for information on:

  • Preparing your résumé
  • Job interviews
  • Steps to get a job

Last update: June 26, 2023


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