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Tutorship to a person of full age: Curateur public tools and forms

The following is a list of tools and forms that the Curateur public has made available for tutors and tutorship councils to assist them in their duties.

See the document Protecting a person under tutorship – Guide for the tutor and the tutorship council (PDF 3.15 Mb). It provides details of your new responsibilities and how to assume them and will also help you better understand the responsibilities of other persons involved in a tutorship.

Moreover, this guide describes all of the steps to follow and rules to comply with in order to ensure the protection of the represented person and the management of his patrimony. It also shares information on how to react when faced with difficult situations.

General notice

If you encounter an accessibility problem using one of these forms, please contact the general information service of the Curateur public.

Tools for the tutor and the tutorship council

Agenda: Annual Meeting of Tutorship Council (PDF 64 Kb)
This template is used to prepare for tutorship council meetings.

Annual Management Report Checklist (sample) (PDF 46 Kb)
This checklist for the tutorship council is used to verify the annual administration report produced by the tutor.

Monthly Financial Tracking – Tutorship to a person of full age (XLS 244 Kb)
This Excel template will make it easier to track expenses incurred and income received on behalf of the represented person.

Inventory Checklist (sample) (PDF 50 Kb)
This checklist is used for taking inventory of the represented person’s patrimony.

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Tutorship Council (PDF 137 Kb)
This template provides an example of how to set up the meeting minutes.

Forms for the tutor and the tutorship council

Annual Management Report (PDF 1.86 Mb)
This form is used to submit the annual management report for the represented person’s patrimony.

Attestation of a Tutorship Council Decision Regarding the Security Required from a Tutor (PDF 1.95 Mb)
This form is used to record and communicate the tutorship council’s decision to the tutor regarding the security to be provided.

Confirmation of the Holding of Funds (template) (PDF 1.86 Mb)
This form must be filled out by the financial institution to confirm the hold funds requested.

Final Administration Report (PDF 1.84 Mb)
This form is used to submit the administration report for the period covering the final annual report and the end of your role as tutor to the property.

Inventory by a Private Writing (Inventory signed in front of two witnesses) (fillable) (PDF 1.49 Mb)
This form is used to produce a list of all possessions belonging to the represented person worth $100 or more, as well as their debts.

Request to a Financial Institution Regarding the Holding of Funds (PDF 1.19 Mb)
This form is used to request a hold funds as a security from the represented person’s financial institution.

Report Regarding the Representation of the Person (PDF 44 Kb)
This form will help you to determine and keep track of the actions taken to ensure the represented person’s well-being.

Tutorship Council's Concerns about the Representation of the Person (PDF 501 Kb)
This form is used to inform the Curateur public about concerns related to the person’s well-being, the respect for their rights, and their representation in general.

Reassessment Forms


It is important to consult the Aide-mémoire – Réévaluation d’une tutelle (In French) (PDF 411 Kb)  before selecting or completing the forms.

Various forms

Request for Reimbursement of Amounts Disbursed for Purchases on Behalf of a Represented Person (fillable) (PDF 101 Kb)
This form allows a person or a manager of an intermediate resource to request reimbursement for expenses incurred on behalf of a represented person or a person awaiting representation by the Curateur public.

Request for Access to Documents Containing Personal Information or to Administrative Documents (fillable) (PDF 233 Kb)
This form is used to request access from the Curateur public to documents containing personal information or administrative documents.

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Last update: July 27, 2023


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