Compulsory fluorescent orange bib

When hunting, you must wear a bib, as must the guide and anyone else who is with you.

The bib must cover an area of at least 2,580 square centimetres (400 square inches) of your back, shoulders and chest. You must wear it in such a way that it is visible at all times and from every angle, and ensure that it remains visible even when you are carrying a backpack.


The bib is not compulsory in the following cases:

  • when hunting American crow, wild turkey, rock dove or migratory birds;
  • when hunting moose, white-tailed deer or black bear during the season in which only bows or crossbows are permitted;
  • when hunting frogs;
  • when snaring hares and eastern cottontail rabbits;
  • lwhen hunting coyotes, wolves and foxes (silver, patched or red) from December 1 to March 31;
  • when hunting small game with a bird of prey, provided none of the participants has a weapon in their possession;
  • when hunting with a bow or crossbow in a hunting sector reserved exclusively for bows or crossbows in a wildlife territory and when all the hunters are using bows or crossbows while hunting in a sector of an outfitting operation with exclusive hunting rights.

Regulatory Information

Last update: June 2, 2022


The information published on this website has been simplified and provides a summary of the main regulatory provisions. It does not replace in any way the official texts of laws and regulations. For more detailed information on a specific rule, refer to theRegulation respecting hunting in Québec This hyperlink will open in a new window., the Regulation respecting hunting activities This hyperlink will open in a new window. or the Act respecting the conservation and development of wildlife This hyperlink will open in a new window., which are all available on LégisQuébec.


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