Choose a home charging station

To be eligible, the charging station must allow level 2 charging.

The financial assistance applies solely to the list of charging stations eligible for the Roulez vert program.

Check beforehand

Before you purchase or lease a charging station, check whether the model that interests you appears on the list:

List of eligible charging stations

The list is also available in Excel format (XLSX 67 Kb) to facilitate the search for a model.

Purchase or lease

You can purchase or lease long term your charging station.

In the case of leasing, your contract must be valid for at least 36 months to be eligible for financial assistance.

New charging stations

To be eligible for financial assistance, the charging station that you purchase must be new.

The financial assistance does not apply to the purchase of a used charging station.

A charging station used for demonstration purposes is not deemed new at the time of resale. 


When you purchase or lease a charging station, keep all the invoices and be sure that they are in your name.

You must append a copy of them to your reimbursement request.

Check eligible expenses and conditions on installation before submitting your application.

Ineligible charging stations

If the list does not include the charging station that you wish to install, you cannot request financial assistance to purchase and install it.

Only the distributors and manufacturers of charging stations can request that models be added to the list.



Last update: November 27, 2023


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