Eligible expenses for a home charging station

The Québec government offers $600 in financial assistance for the acquisition and installation of an eligible home charging station.

To be eligible for the financial assistance, you must have paid at least $600 before the applicable taxes to purchase and have installed the charging station.

Your charging station must already be installed when you apply for the reimbursement.

List of eligible expenses

Eligible expenses include:

  • the acquisition cost of an eligible charging station, i.e., the purchase price or the cost of long-term leasing;
  • costs related to the installation and electric infrastructure.

The purchase price or cost of leasing corresponds to the price that you paid, before taxes, solely for the charging station.

The acquisition cost does not include:

  • delivery expenses;
  • accessories such as a stand, adapter, or protective cover;
  • spare parts;
  • expenses related to the guarantee.

If you have benefited from a discount or a promotion, the amount that you actually paid must be indicated on your invoice.

The installation costs, before taxes, can include the costs of the labour and material necessary to:

  • install the charging station;
  • install the requisite electrical infrastructure such as wiring, burying the wiring, the adjustment of the electric supply service panel or the addition of a panel, or an electrical outlet.

The specific case of a leased charging station

It is possible to lease a home charging station and be eligible for financial assistance. This condition came into force on April 18, 2023.

The charging station must have been installed and the leasing expenses incurred after April 18, 2023, to be eligible.

The leasing cost must include all monthly payments.

A promotion or rebate obtained on a charging station

If you have benefited from a promotion offered by your car dealer, the automaker, the charging station manufacturer, or your municipality and the promotion covered the entire acquisition or installation cost, you may not be eligible for the government financial assistance. 

Be sure that you have an invoice in your name that indicates the acquisition of the charging station, its real price, and the discount or promotion applied.

You must have paid at least $600, before taxes, for the entire array of eligible expenses to be entitled to financial assistance.

Invoices required

You must append to your application the purchase or leasing invoice and the charging station installation invoice.

Check the information required on the invoices.

Ensure that the model of the charging station that you acquired appears on the list of the eligible models.

In case of doubt, contact customer service before you submit your application.



Last update: July 11, 2023


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