Use of multiple dwelling building charging stations

The charging stations installed in the parking lot of a multiple dwelling building are intended for the residents and their visitors.

Authorized uses

To be eligible for financial assistance, the multiple dwelling building charging stations must be used to charge:

  • electric vehicles belonging to the building’s residents;
  • electric vehicles belonging the building residents’ visitors.

The residents must have priority access to the charging stations.

The electric vehicles can be fully electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, or electric motorcycles.

Future or immediate use of the charging stations

If the proposed installation of charging stations is an initiative of the building developer, owner, or manager, or the syndicate of co-owners, it is not necessary for the building’s residents to already possess an electric vehicle for the project to be eligible for financial assistance. It is, therefore, possible to install charging stations in anticipation of their future use by the building’s residents.

If a person living in the building is managing the proposed installation of charging stations, the person must have acquired an electric vehicle registered in his name when the financial assistance application is submitted.

Maintenance in service for three years

The recipient of the financial assistance must maintain in service for at least three years the multiple dwelling building charging station that the financial assistance covers.



Last update: July 11, 2023


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