Purchasing a hunting licence

The licence category required to hunt white-tailed deer and the conditions for use when hunting deer, turkeys and black bears have changed since the last time the rules were published. See the Main New Measures section for details.

A hunting licence is personal to you, and you must always carry it with you when hunting.

A hunter is required to prove, at the request of a wildlife protection officer, that he or she holds the licence.

Requirement to show licence and 7-day notice

At any time, a wildlife protection officer or assistant may request to see your hunting licence. To prove that you are the holder of the licence, official photo ID will also be requested.

If you do not have your licence in your possession, the wildlife protection officer or assistant will give you a 7-day notice. You will have seven days to complete the online form This hyperlink will open in a new window. or go to a wildlife protection office to prove that you have a hunting licence. During a large game hunt, you will also have to stop hunting until you have your licence and transportation coupon in your possession.

This form is not supported by the Internet Explorer browser.You must use another web browser, such as Google Chrome This hyperlink will open in a new window., Mozilla Firefox This hyperlink will open in a new window. or Safari This hyperlink will open in a new window..

If you do not submit this form, criminal sanctions will apply.

Sale price by category

The cost of a licence depends on the species hunted and on whether you are a resident fo Québec or a non-resident.

The duration of a licence may vary by type. You will find this information in the section entitled Licence categories and conditions for use.

The fees below include tax and the contribution payable to the Fondation de la faune du Québec, except for the « Moose Zone Correction licence» and the «licence to hunt certain small game using a bird of prey and the replacement licence».

Hunting Licences 2021-2022

White-tailed deer (except Anticosti Island)$59.88$321.06
Additional white-tailed deer (except Anticosti Island)Lire le contenu de la note numéro 1$33.78$157.84
Antlerless white-tailed deer (random draw)Lire le contenu de la note numéro2$59.88Licence for residents only
White-tailed deer, zone 20 (Anticosti Island)$75.99$411.04
Antlerless white-tailed deer, zone 20 (Anticosti Island)$39.80$212.81
Wild turkey, spring$37.15Lire le contenu de la note numéro4$179.18
Wild turkey, fall$16.83Lire le contenu de la note numéro4$61.22
MooseLire le contenu de la note numéro3$79.09$524.10
Moose, zone correctionLire le contenu de la note numéro5$9.51$9.51
Adult female moose (random draw)Lire le contenu de la note numéro1$79.09Licence for residents only
Black bear$56.80$202.48
Small game, firearm, crossbow, bow and snare$21.57Licence for residents only
Small game, firearm, crossbow and bow (no snare)Licence for non-residents only$100.40
Certain small game using a bird of prey$18.99$100.16
Hares and cottontail rabbits$22.48Licence for residents only
Frogs$22.48Licence for residents only
Replacement licence$6.25$6.25
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Valid if you also hold the corresponding regular licence.

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Retour à la référence de la note numéro 2

You must pay a fee to take part in a random draw.

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Some zones have a purchase deadline.

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Retour à la référence de la note numéro 4

You may purchase this licence only if you also hold the attestation confirming that you have successfully completed the wild turkey hunting course.

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The zone correction licence can be obtained only if a mistake was made when entering the zone at the time you originally purchased the moose hunting licence, and only if the dates so permit.

Purchasing and replacing a licence

To obtain a hunting licence, you must go to one of our sales outlets This hyperlink will open in a new window.. You can also purchase online a licence without a transportation coupon through the My Hunting and Fishing Account platform. Licences may also be sold by some outfitters, in some ZECs and in wildlife reserves. 

You cannot purchase the same licence more than once, except to replace a licence that has been lost, stolen or rendered unusable.

You cannot purchase a licence if you have been convicted of a wildlife offence in another province or territory of Canada for a period of time referred to in this hunting prohibition.

When purchasing your licence, you must:

  • present your hunter’s certificate if you are a resident of Québec
  • be 12 years of age or older if you are a non-resident
  • purchase your licence before the deadline (only for moose hunting with a firearm – this does not apply to a limited hunt in a wildlife reserve, to a hunt on the territory of an outfitter with exclusive rights, or in the Baillargeon ZEC)
  • pay the fee
  • sign the licence on the back to confirm its validity, and make sure the person who issued it has also signed it on the front. If your first name, surname, address or date of birth is not shown on the front of the licence, or is incorrect, you must write it on the back of the licence

Buy my licence online

For now, only licences without a transportation coupon are available on the online platform : small game, frog, hare and white-tailed rabbit.

Federal licence to hunt migratory birds

You can obtain the federal licence to hunt migratory birds online, on the website of the Government of Canada This hyperlink will open in a new window., or at a Canada Post sales outlet.

Purchasing a licence for someone else

A sport hunting licence cannot be transferred. However, it is possible to purchase a licence for someone else at one of our sales outlets. 

To be valid, the person for whom you purchase the licence must sign it immediately upon receipt and make sure the information on the front of the licence is accurate. If not, he or she must write the correct information on the back. The licence can only be used during its period of validity.

The creation of an account on the My Hunting and Fishing Account platform is linked to a personal email address.

Replacing a licence that has been lost, stolen or rendered unusable

If you lose your licence, or if it is stolen or rendered unusable, you must purchase a replacement if you wish to continue to hunt.

A licence purchased on My Hunting and Fishing Account or from a sales agent using a hunter's certificate can however be downloaded as a replacement for a lost licence. This modality only applies to the licences offered on My Hunting and Fishing Account platform and requires the creation of an account. No fees will then be required.

Licence Cancellation and Refund

In some exceptional circumstances, the Department may cancel and refund a licence that has been issued for more than 24 hours or a correction of area licence. The Department reserves the right to carry out a check on applicants before issuing a refund.

Once the application has been submitted, the licence is cancelled. The cancellation of a licence is irrevocable.

Cancellation requirements

The circumstances for obtaining a refund are determined by the Department and relate to the following situations. No specific situation allows for a refund at this time.

Terms of refund

To apply for a cancellation authorized by the Department for exceptional circumstances and obtain a refund, you must:

  1. Fill out the hunting licence cancellation and refund online form (currently unavailable).
  2. Within 10 business days, return the licence by mail with, if applicable, the transportation coupons to it at the following address:

    Remboursements de permis
    Direction du développement socioéconomique, de l’éducation et des permis
    Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs
    880, chemin Sainte-Foy, 2e étage, local 2.06
    Québec (Québec) G1S 4X4

For additional information on licence refunds, you may send your questions to permis.client@mffp.gouv.qc.ca.

Licence expiry

A hunting licence expires at the end of the hunting season for the animal in respect of which it was issued. 

A small game hunting licence and a licence to hunt small game using a bird of prey expire on the date shown.

A licence to hunt large game or wild turkeys also expires when the authorized number of animals have been killed and the transportation coupon has or should have been removed. 

An antlerless deer hunting licence or a female moose hunting licence also expires when it is or should have been punched. 

A licence may expire in certain other situations involving sharing of the licence. These situations are described in the sections entitled Sharing a licence and Hunting under the same licence.

Regulatory Information

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Wednesday: 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Free phone line : 1 844 523‑6738 

Last update: September 15, 2021


The information published on this website has been simplified and provides a summary of the main regulatory provisions. It does not replace in any way the official texts of laws and regulations. For more detailed information on a specific rule, refer to the Regulation respecting hunting in Québec This hyperlink will open in a new window., the Regulation respecting hunting activities This hyperlink will open in a new window. or the Act respecting the conservation and development of wildlife This hyperlink will open in a new window., which are all available on LégisQuébec.


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