Sharing your antlerless deer hunting licence obtained by random draw

If you win a antlerless deer licence through a random draw, you can share it with your immediate family or a group of six hunters. Certain conditions apply.

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Possible hunting licence shares

Wondering who you can share your hunting licence with? See our summary table (PDF 601 Kb) for a quick answer.

Immediate family

If you win an antlerless deer licence through a random draw, you can share it with your immediate family. Immediate family is defined as your spouse, grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, children, grandchildren, and the children and grandchildren of your spouse.

The family member with whom you share your antlerless deer licence must have a regular or additional licence. The zone number (or part of zone) on the licence must match the number on your licence obtained by random draw.

To avoid multiple kills, hunt close together so that you can communicate with each other at all times.

If you kill an antlerless deer under the antlerless deer hunting licence of a member of your immediate family, you must attach the transportation coupon from your own licence (regular or additional). You must then punch the antlerless deer licence under which you hunted, in the circle provided and on the day the animal died. The antlerless deer licence holder will be able to continue hunting deer, but will no longer be able to harvest an antlerless deer if the period does not permit it, as their privilege was used by a member of their immediate family.

Please note that if you hold an antlerless deer hunting licence obtained through a random draw and you shoot a male deer under this licence, you can no longer share your privilege of harvesting an antlerless deer with your immediate family. Your licence will no longer be valid as the transportation coupon will have been detached and affixed to the male deer you shot.

The antlerless deer licence and the white-tailed deer hunting licence must both have been issued for the zone or part of a zone in which the animal was harvested.

Group of six hunters

If you win an antlerless deer hunting licence, you can share it with a group of up to six hunters. However, you must first sign an agreement to use this licence in a territory where the licence is valid. This agreement will allow one of the six signatory hunters to kill an antlerless deer under your licence.

This measure applies only in wildlife reserves, outfitters with exclusive rights and the Bras-coupé-Désert, Maganasipi, Pontiac, Rapides-des-Joachims, Restigo, Saint-Patrice and Jaro ZECs, including the territory contemplated in Schedule CCI of the Regulation respecting hunting (chapter C-61.1, r. 12, territoire privé sous protocole d’entente avec le Ministère et la Société beauceronne de gestion faunique inc.).

The holder of a antlerless deer licence may decide whether or not to share his or her licence with other hunters in the group when accessing any of the territories mentioned.

Process and conditions to meet

To use this measure, you must meet the following conditions.

Fill in and submit a commitment form

When your group of hunters enters the hunting site, it must give the reception officer a copy of the completed commitment form (PDF 102 Kb). This document identifies the person under whom your group uses the antlerless deer licence.

The form includes:

  • the name and licence number of the antlerless deer licence holder;
  • the subject of the commitment and its duration,
  • the name of the territory,
  • the date of commitment, and
  • the names and signatures of the group members, and the numbers of their white-tailed deer hunting licences.

Respect the duration of the commitment

The duration of the commitment cannot exceed the duration of your group’s stay in the territory. All hunters identified on the commitment form, with a valid hunting licence, may use the antlerless deer hunting licence for the stated duration. Members of the group may remain in the targeted area as long as the holder is present and until an antlerless deer is harvested.

Respect the licence’s expiry date

The antlerless deer hunting licence expires as soon as an antlerless deer is killed. The hunter who killed it must immediately attach his or her own transportation coupon to the deer. He or she must then punch, in the circle provided, the licence obtained in the random draw under which the antlerless deer was killed.

If the holder of the antlerless licence kills an antlered deer, the privilege remains. Other hunters in the group may continue to hunt antlerless deer for the duration of the authorization. However, the holder must be present in the territory.

Registering the game

When the kill is registered, the hunter who killed the antlerless deer must provide the information on his or her regular licence as well as that on the antlerless deer hunting licence under which the animal was killed.

Your group should respect the amount of antlerless deer they can kill. To avoid multiple kills, hunt close together so that you can communicate with each other at all times.

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Last update: March 19, 2024


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