Eligible new electric vehicles

Financial assistance under the government’s Roulez vert program applies solely to the vehicles included on the list of eligible new electric vehicles.

Check if the electric vehicle that interests you is on the list.

Consult the list of eligible new vehicles

Make effective use of the list

Your dealer can inform you of the amount of the financial assistance that you could obtain for the desired vehicle.

The following steps enable you to personally verify the amount.

  • Open the list of eligible new electric vehicles.
  • Select the brand and model that interest you.
  • Check whether the model year and the model version that you are seeking are eligible.
  • The exact amounts of the purchase and leasing rebates are indicated.

If the model, the version, and the model year of the vehicle that you are seeking are not listed, this means that the vehicle is ineligible for the government rebate.

Updating the list

The list of eligible new vehicles is updated regularly based on information provided by automakers on vehicles marketed in Québec.

Only automakers can submit a request to be added to the list.

Maximum limit of the MSRP

For a vehicle to be included on the list of new electric vehicles eligible for the program, its manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) must be less than $65,000.

General notice

Limit of the MSRP at $65,000

The maximum limit of the MSRP, which determines a vehicle’s eligibility under the program, has increased from $60,000 to $65,000.

This condition came into force on April 18, 2023, but applies retroactively to vehicles registered since April 1, 2022.

You may not have obtained the financial assistance to which you were entitled. Verify your situation:

  • If you registered your vehicle after April 1, 2022, and your vehicle was added to the list of eligible vehicles considering the new MSRP threshold of $65,000, you can apply for a rebate using the online services.
  • If you registered your vehicle before April 1, 2022, the maximum limit of the MSRP to establish your vehicle’s eligibility for the government rebate is $60,000.

Why certain vehicles are ineligible

Several models or versions of vehicles are not included on the list of eligible vehicles. Here are some explanations.

Eligibility of versions and model years

All the versions of an electric vehicle model are not automatically eligible for the program. Each vehicle’s eligibility is determined by the brand, model, version, and model year and each one is analyzed separately.

For example, the front-wheel-drive version of a model may be eligible for the program while the all-wheel-drive version of the same model is not. Basic components such as the motorisation or battery capacity are not considered as options and their price is added to the MSRP to determine a vehicle’s eligibility.

Moreover, the eligibility of a version can vary from one model year to the next. 

The list of eligible new vehicles gives details of all the eligible versions for each model year.

Battery capacity

An electric vehicle’s battery capacity is considered to establish whether the vehicle is eligible.

  • For a vehicle to be eligible, the battery must have a capacity of at least 8 kilowatt-hours (kWh).
  • In the case of rechargeable hybrid vehicles, the battery must have a capacity of at least 15 kWh to obtain a $5,000 rebate. The rebate for batteries with a capacity between 8 kWh and 15 kWh is $2,500.

Please consult the list of eligible new vehicles to determine the exact amount of the rebate to purchase or lease the vehicle that interests you.



Last update: November 13, 2023


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