Change in your situation

Obligation to inform the government of a change

Please inform us without delay of any changes in your personal or family situation.

This change could affect the amount of your benefit or your eligibility for financial assistance paid to you under a last-resort financial assistance program or the Aim for Employment Program. 

A change may result in an increase or decrease in your benefit, or simply allow your file to be updated.

The following are examples of changes that you must report:

  • the arrival or departure of a spouse;
  • the arrival or departure of an adult other than a spouse to or from your residence; 
  • increase or decrease in the number of dependent children;
  • the completion of a dependent child's education; 
  • the start of employment, increase or decrease in income; 
  • a change of address;
  • a stay outside Quebec; 
  • purchase or sale of goods (this situation does not apply to Aim for Employment Program participants); 
  • a return to school, a change in the number of course hours.

You have started working or receiving employment assistance benefits. You may be eligible to continue receiving claim slips.

How to report a change to the government

There are four ways to communicate a change in your situation. 

Call the Centre de communication avec la clientèle (CCC)

You can inform us directly of a change in your personal or family situation by calling the Centre de communication avec la clientèle (CCC) from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, at 514 873-4000 (Montreal and surrounding area) or 1 877 767-8773 toll-free (elsewhere in Quebec).

Go to a Services Québec office

To find the contact information for a Services Québec office, consult the Locator—Services Québec offices This hyperlink will open in a new window..

Fill out the Declaration of Change form

The Statement of change form (SR-2601A) (PDF 709 Kb) allows you to report a change in your situation. The form must be printed, completed and submitted in person mailed or faxed to your Services Québec office.

Use My Account — Employment Assistance – Social Assistance

You can report any change in your situation using your online file.

Report a change online

Providing information on residence or accommodation

You may have to provide information about your residence or dwelling.

The Department may ask you for information, for example, about your status (owner, tenant, tenant of subsidized housing, etc.), about housing costs, about who lives with you.

Notice to move

If you are moving, you may need to inform us of the date of your move, your future address and the reason for the move. You will then have to complete the Information about Housing/Notice of Change of Address form (SR-2324A) (PDF 132 Kb).

Housing information

The officer processing your file may ask you for certain information about your accommodation. You will be asked to complete the Information about Housing/Notice of Change of Address form (SR-2324A) (PDF 132 Kb).

Providing proof of residence

If you have not signed a lease and the financial assistance officer in charge of your file needs to update the information concerning your dwelling, you will need to have the Proof of residence form (SR-2136A) (PDF 98 Kb) completed by your landlord or landlord (the person who rents the dwelling or room to you).

Change in the situation of a self-employed person

A self-employed person is a person who works for himself or herself and not for another person. The self-employed worker (or independent worker) has his or her own clientele and is not an employee of the companies for which he or she works. In certain situations, a self-employed worker may be entitled to last-resort financial assistance.

Assessing the income and assets of a self-employed person

To apply for last-resort financial assistance, a self-employed worker must first submit an assessment of his income and assets. To help him or her calculate business or professional income for the period under review, we have developed

Travel for business purposes by a self-employed person

In some cases, vehicle expenses are taken into account in the calculation of the benefit. The self-employed worker must therefore enter his expenses in order to distinguish between expenses related to the use of the vehicle for commercial purposes (going to meet clients, participating in fairs or shows, etc.) and those related to personal purposes (grocery shopping, picking up children from school, etc.). You will then have to fill out the form Odometer logbook for business travel (self-employed worker) (SR-2599A) (PDF 91 Kb).

Benefit amounts and payment dates

To find out the benefit amounts available, simply visit the following section: Benefit amounts for the current year.

To find out the dates on which payments are made, consult the following section: Benefit payment dates for the current year.

You can view the amount and the date of your next benefit payments in your online file.

View the amounts and dates of the benefits