Minutes of seizure

For the seizure of your movable property, the bailiff produces a document, known as the minutes of seizure, containing:

  • a mention of the title under which the seizure is made;
  • the date of the notice of execution and the name of the seizing creditor;
  • the date and time and the nature of the seizure;
  • a description of the property seized;
  • the name of the custodian and, if an authorization was granted by the court, a reference to that authorization.

The minutes must mention whether or not the debtor was present at the time of the seizure, and  contain a list and the market value of the movable property left to the debtor if the value of the property seized is insufficient to pay the claim of the seizing creditor.

After producing the minutes, the bailiff notifies them to the debtor and the seizing creditor, as well as to all creditors having rights in the seized property and to any third person appointed as custodian.

Last update: February 23, 2023


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