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About the seizure of movable property.

Your creditor may, to recover the amount you owe, ask a bailiff to seize some of your movable property and to sell it under judicial authority. 

For example, the bailiff may seize:

  • your motor vehicles;
  • your electronic devices; 
  • your art collection; 
  • some of your furniture.

Unseizable property and income

To find out more about the property considered to be unseizable, see the page Unseizable property and income.

Notice of execution

Before seizing your property, the bailiff draws up a notice of execution, taking into account the instructions given by your creditor. The notice contains all the information relevant to the seizure, and must comply with the model notice established by the Minister of Justice.

The completed notice of execution is filed at the court office. 

The notice of execution is served on you, as the debtor, by the bailiff. 

Last update: February 23, 2023


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