The following commitments apply to the Ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques (MELCC)

The MELCC listens to you and works with and for you

As stated in the Environment Quality Act, “Every person has a right to a healthy environment and to its protection, and to the protection of the living species inhabiting it.” This right, which belongs to current and future generations, is ensured by everyone’s commitment to protect the environment, fauna and flora.

The Ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques (MELCC) plays an essential role in supporting this shared responsibility regarding protection, and offers the public its full attention and professional know-how.

All its interventions are guided by the desire to respond in a manner that is tailored to your needs and to the situations that may arise. The MELCC strives to adequately respond to your concerns by creating a common ground for collaboration and agreement. Its actions are based on such values as equity, rigour, responsibility, transparency and respect.

In a conscious effort to share and successfully meet the many environmental challenges that Québec society faces, the MELCC pledges to provide the population with service that is accessible, courteous, dedicated and fair, within the context of its mission and its fields of intervention:

  • Devising and implementing policies, bills, draft regulations and programs pertaining especially to:
    • Preventing and reducing water, air and soil contamination;
    • Fighting and adapting to climate change;
    • Ensuring the quality of drinking water;
    • Managing water resources sustainably;
    • Conserving biodiversity;
    • Reducing, reclaiming and managing residual materials;
  • Coordinating the government’s approach to sustainable development within the public service;
  • Developing, coordinating and implementing climate change and adaptation strategies;
  • Protecting Québec’s ecosystems and biodiversity through the development of a network of protected areas and by safeguarding endangered or vulnerable floristic species and their habitats;
  • Conducting environmental analyses of projects and strategic assessments of environmental issues;
  • Monitoring and enforcing environmental protection laws and regulations, especially through the analysis of authorization and permit applications, inspections, and inquiries, and through administrative recourse;
  • Managing the land and integrity of Québec’s public water property, operating public dams, and monitoring dam safety;
  • Observing and gathering knowledge about ecosystems and their components;
  • Maintaining intergovernmental and international relations in its fields of interest.

A diversified service offer

The main services provided by the MELCC are as follows:

  • issuing environmental authorizations and permits;
  • making environmental emergency service available at all times, anywhere in Québec, through Urgence-Environnement;
  • handling environmental complaints;
  • conducting environmental analyses;
  • accrediting environmental analysis laboratories and firms that provide samplings of fertilizing residual materials, and recognizing experts;
  • providing professional and technical expertise on environmental issues;
  • assisting government departments and agencies in their approach to sustainable development;
  • producing information and documentation on the environment, climate change, and sustainable development in the context of its mission;
  • processing access to information requests.
The confidentiality of information you submit to us as well as access to documents you wish to obtain are ensured under the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information.

Our commitments

General commitments

1. You will receive a response or confirmation of receipt within five business days following receipt of your written request.

Electronic services

We have undertaken to review our methods in order to increase access to the services we provide to the public via the internet. We are endeavouring to offer an ever increasing volume of information and forms on our website.

We will gradually be adding applications that will enable us to offer our services electronically. This ongoing process will be carried out in the interests of simplification, information protection, efficiency, and user satisfaction.

You will continue to have the option of contacting us by mail, telephone, the internet, or in person.

Reception and information

2. A reception and information service is available to you in all regions of Québec. 

Access to information

3. Information concerning our acts, regulations, policies, and programs will be available to you on our website as soon as they are officially announced.

4. Our website will also contain studies, research, and reports produced by the MELCC on the state and management of the environment.

Environmental complaints

5. You will be informed of actions to be taken regarding your environmental complaint within 10 business days after it has been received.

6. You will be given feedback on the actions taken within 40 business days following receipt of your environmental complaint.

Environmental emergency response

7. In the event of situations requiring an immediate response, Urgence-Environnement will provide you with access to an environmental emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout Québec.

Authorization and permit applications under the Environment Quality Act

8. You will be given the name of the person handling your case within five business days following receipt of your application. 

Help us serve you better

To provide you with better service, we need your cooperation. Make sure to:

  • promptly furnish all information and documents that could be useful in processing your requests;
  • give your accurate and full contact information to facilitate communication. In turn, we will provide you with personalized guidance to assist you in your dealings with the MELCC if you wish.
    Projects subject to the environmental impact assessment and review procedure for Southern Québec

    9. You will receive guidelines for the impact assessment that you must carry out and the information on your file’s processing status within 15 days following the submission of your project notice.

    Environmental analysis laboratory accreditation

    10. You will be assured of the expertise of laboratories accredited by the MELCC to provide quality information in their fields of accreditation.

    Complaints concerning the quality of service

    11. The Bureau des plaintes sur la qualité des services will make every effort to process your complaint within 20 business days following its receipt. We will inform you if the deadline cannot be met.

    To reach us


    During business hours, call the regional office that serves the area where the environmental emergency has occurred, or 1 866 694-5454 toll free anytime. For more information This hyperlink will open in a new window.

    Environmental complaints

    Contact the regional office that serves the area concerned. For more information This hyperlink will open in a new window.

    Regional offices

    Business hours: 8:30 a.m. to noon – 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

    List of regional offices

    What if you’re dissatisfied with a service?

    If you’re dissatisfied with a service rendered by the MELCC staff or the way that it was rendered, please begin by contacting the manager concerned. At that point, if you’re still not satisfied, you may contact the Bureau des plaintes sur la qualité des services This hyperlink will open in a new window. of the Ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques.

    Bureau des plaintes sur la qualité des services
    Édifice Marie-Guyart, 29e étage
    675, boulevard René-Lévesque Est, boîte 13
    Québec (Québec) G1R 5V7
    Telephone: 418 521-3859 (collect calls accepted)
    Fax: 418 643-0083

    For all information requests, contact the MELCC’s Information Centre.

    Telephone: Québec City (local calls): 418 521-3830
    Elsewhere in Québec: 1 800 561-1616
    Fax: 418 646-5974

    We take pride in this public service statement which enables us to remain responsive to your needs and expectations. We pledge to assess the degree of success of our commitments, make assessment results public and regularly update this service statement.