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Welcoming and integrating sponsored persons and their families

Sponsored persons and their family members will need to be supported in their settlement and social and occupational integration approaches in Québec.

As guarantor, you have made undertakings in this regard and you have an important role to play. For example, you must: 

  • Inform them about Québec society and culture;
  • Guide them to the resources accessible to them, particularly in francization;
  • Support them in their settlement and integration approaches.

Reminder of your financial obligations

We remind you that you have made a financial undertaking to the persons you are sponsoring.  This undertaking is for a one-year term following the arrival of the refugee and the refugee's family in Québec.

It implies that you will assume all the following costs for the sponsored person and the family members accompanying that person:

  • Settlement and establishment costs in Québec, such as the costs of:
    • Housing;
    • Furniture;
    • Food.
  • Health;
  • Employment integration.

For full details, visit the Financial Obligations section.

Prepare for arrival in Québec

You must help the person you are sponsoring to prepare for arrival in Québec. It is important to make the person aware of the challenges to meet with your help. 

If the person you sponsor has Internet access, you may indicate some websites you find particularly interesting and send the person documentation on Québec.

The person can consult the following two guides, which contain information and advice to facilitate settlement and successful integration in Québec:

Translations of Guide à l’intention des personnes réfugiées parrainées  

Guide in French: Guide à l’intention des personnes réfugiées parrainées (PDF 2.24 Mb)

Guide in Arabic: دليل اأشخاصجئين المكفولينّالل (PDF 2.23 Mb)

Guide in Farsi: راهنما پناهندگان اسپانسر شده (PDF 2.23 Mb)

Airport greeting

You are responsible for greeting the person you are sponsoring at the airport. You should be informed of the person's arrival about 2 weeks in advance by email. 

Make the necessary arrangements so that a person representing your organization or your group is present at the airport when the sponsored person arrives.

Integration approaches

You must support the person you are sponsoring and that person's family members in their integration approaches.

Accompagnement Québec

You can help the person you are sponsoring by registering with the Accompagnement Québec This hyperlink will open in a new window. integration service. This service is offered from now on in a version adapted to sponsored refugees. 

Your presence is essential during the first meeting with an integration assistance agent. At this meeting, you can learn more about your responsibilities as a guarantor.  

Other integration approaches

Here are other approaches the persons you sponsor may undertake once they obtain their Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ - Québec Selection Certificate):



Contact the ministère de l'Immigration, de la Francisation et de l'Intégration

Last update: February 23, 2023


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