Step 1: Submission of undertaking applications (2023-2024)

The first step is the submission of your undertaking applications under the Program for Refugees Abroad (Collective Sponsorship). The 2023-2024 undertaking application period ran from May 7 to June 4, 2024, and is now closed.

Submission period and number of applications receivable

You had to submit your undertaking application(s) between May 7 and June 4, 2024.

The Ministère de l'Immigration, de la Francisation et de l'Intégration (MIFI) may hold one or more random draws among admissible applications if:

  • More than 425 admissible applications are submitted by groups of 2 to 5 individuals;
  • More than 200 admissible undertaking applications are submitted by regular, experienced legal entities (category R and category E);
  • Plus de 200 demandes d’engagement admissibles sont transmises par des personnes morales régulières spécifiques et expérimentées spécifiques (sous-catégorie RS et sous-catégorie ES).

The draws are held under the supervision of an external auditor and in the presence of witnesses. Following the draw(s), 825 applications may be received.

To be eligible for the draw, your requests must meet all the requirements.

Submit your application(s) on the Arrima platform

Here are the steps in submitting your application(s) for an undertaking as part of the Program for Refugees Abroad (Collective Sponsorship) during the 2023-2024 period.

Your spokesperson must submit an application for an undertaking on the Arrima platform

1. Create an account on the Arrima platform

To submit your application or applications, your spokesperson must create a personal account on the Arrima platform This hyperlink will open in a new window.. A spokesperson who already has an account must connect to it.

Help capsules This hyperlink will open in a new window. (in French only) are available to facilitate your experience in Arrima and help you create an account in it.

No application received by mail or by any other means than the Arrima platform will be accepted.

2. Prepare the required documents

Your spokesperson must complete the form on a computer, print it, sign it and scan it.

Your spokesperson must also assemble and scan all the documents required for your guarantor category.

For the form and the list of documents required for 2023-2024, see the Documents to submit in Step 1 page.

3. Submitting your legal person file

For legal persons, your spokesperson must submit your legal person file on the Arrima platform before submitting the applications for an undertaking. Your file must contain all of the documentation pertaining to your organization.

Your spokesperson need not complete this step if you are a group of 2 to 5 natural persons.

4. Submit your application(s) for an undertaking and the required documents on the Arrima platform

To submit an application for an undertaking, your spokesperson must upload the documents required for your legal person or your group (groups of 2 to 5 natural persons) on the Arrima platform.

You had until June 4, 2024, to submit your application. After that date, no change will be accepted. You cannot add or replace a member of your group of 2 to 5 natural persons.

Your application must comply with all the eligibility requirements. If not, it will be excluded from the undertaking application receipt exercise.

To submit your application, sign in to your Arrima account This hyperlink will open in a new window..

5. Confirmation

When your application is submitted, your spokesperson will see a confirmation appear on the screen that your documents have been successfully submitted.

You can consult a summary of the documents submitted in your Arrima file.

Communications in Arrima

Any electronic communication in the context of your undertaking application is made via your spokesperson’s Arrima account. 

The spokesperson receives a notice by e-mail when a message is deposited in the electronic mail of the account.

Beware of ill-intentioned persons who might impersonate government representatives.  For more information, go to our Notice on Internet fraud.

Submitting your application through a representative

It is not necessary to retain the paid services of an individual to take steps on your behalf. No priority or special treatment will be granted to you if you use the services of an immigration professional.

If you nonetheless decide to be represented, go to the page Get represented in your immigration procedures.



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Last update: June 5, 2024


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