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Administrative justice of the peace

In general an administrative justice of the peace is a court officer working in the office of the court who has been appointed by the Minister of Justice as a justice of the peace. The appointment can be revoked at any time by the Minister.

The duties of an administrative justice of the peace include:

  • receiving informations;
  • summoning witnesses;
  • issuing orders for discharge;
  • presiding, on certain conditions, at appearances by offenders for their interim release;
  • endorsing arrest warrants or search warrants;
  • receiving reports of seized property;
  • adjourning proceedings with the consent of the parties.

Depending on the terms of their appointment, administrative justices of the peace perform their duties:

  • at the Court of Québec;
  • at the Superior Court;
  • at a municipal court. 

They may have jurisdiction throughout Québec or only in certain areas or judicial districts.

Last update: December 21, 2023


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