Calculating your gross monthly income

To calculate the amount of your voluntary deposit, you must first establish your gross monthly income by adding together all your income.

More specifically, this income stems from:

  • work income (as money, in kind or as services), including, if applicable, your commissions, bonuses and tips;
  • a retirement benefit;
  • a pension;
  • an income replacement indemnity;
  • a judicially awarded support payment;
  • a social assistance benefit, Aim for Employment benefits or a social solidarity allowance.

You can exclude from your gross monthly income any amount any amount paid to you:

  • as support payment: 
    • declared by the donor or testator to be exempt from seizure;
    • judicially awarded support for a minor child.
  • by your employer: 
    • as contributions to a retirement, insurance or social security fund;
    • in the form of food and lodging provided or paid by the employer for work-related travel.

Once you have established your gross monthly income you must calculate the seizable portion.

Self-employed worker

If you a are self-employed worker, you can deduct from your gross monthly income any expenses incurred to earn it.

Last update: February 23, 2023


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