Special rules if support payments are owed

If one of the debts listed in your voluntary deposit declaration is for support payments, the seizable portion of your income (your income minus your exemption) is 50% instead of 30%.

This special rule only concerns you if you are not subject to the Act to facilitate the payment of support, and if you are making support payments directly to the person concerned. The support you owe must be included in the list of your debts, and will be paid as a priority by the clerk.

The extra money taken (20% of your income, after your exemption is deducted) is distributed only to the person owed support payments, who is also entitled to receive his or her share of the 30% seized as usual and distributed proportionally to all your creditors.

Support payments already deducted

Any deduction notice, payment order or seizure under the Act to facilitate the payment of support remains valid if it was sent or made before you registered for voluntary deposit.

The amount deducted, paid or seized is subtracted from the amount (the seizable portion of your income) that you must deposit with the clerk.

Last update: February 23, 2023


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