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Registering for voluntary deposit

To register for voluntary deposit, you must go to the office of the Court of Québec in the judicial district of your choice, generally the district where you have your home or workplace. Registration is completed by the clerk.


To register, you must make a declaration, deemed to be sworn, using the form Declaration by Voluntary Deposit Debtor (SJ-1086A) (PDF 285 Kb). You must enter your contact information, your income, the amounts owed and the payment methods. 

The clerk checks that all the essential information has been entered, but does not verify its accuracy.

There is no limit on the amount of the debts or claims you may list. In addition, there is no fee for filing your declaration at the court office.

To obtain more information on the details that must be included in your declaration, see the page Content of the declaration.

List of creditors

When you register for voluntary deposit, you must also fill the form List of creditors / Voluntary deposit (SJ-226) (PDF 270 Kb) and attach it to your declaration.

If you receive a notice of execution

If your property is seized while you are registered with the voluntary deposit service, contact the person who sent you the notice of execution immediately so that the appropriate steps can be taken.

Contestation of your voluntary deposit declaration

A creditor or any interested party may contest your declaration at the court where it was filed, for example if you failed to declare all your income. The contestation must be filed within 15 days after the creditor or interested party becomes aware of your declaration.

You will be informed of any contestation.

Last update: January 23, 2024


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