Amending your declaration

You must inform the clerk of the Court of Québec if you wish to change any of the information in your declaration, for example concerning:

  • your contact information;
  • your employer or workplace;
  • your income;
  • the number of your dependants.

You have 10 days to inform the clerk, counting from the date on which the change takes effect. If you fail to provide the new information, you may lose the protection of the voluntary deposit procedure.

To make a change to the information in your declaration, you must file an amending declaration with the clerk, using the form Declaration by Voluntary Deposit Debtor (SJ-1086A) (PDF 285 Kb)

The clerk will inform your creditors of the change made to your declaration.

Move to another judicial district

If you move to another judicial district, you will not have to transfer your registration. You will be able to make your deposits at the court office in your new place of residence.

Addition of a creditor

If you want to add a creditor to your declaration, you must complete the form List of Credit (SJ-226A) (PDF 270 Kb) and file it at the court office in person or by mail, including the invoice or statement that shows the amount of the debt. The clerk will then notify the creditor that the claim has been added.

Annual update

You are required to update the information in declaration each year, using the form Declaration by Voluntary Deposit Debtor (SJ-1086A) (PDF 285 Kb).

Last update: January 23, 2024


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