Your share of the amounts deposited

The amounts deposited at the court office by the debtor are distributed to all the creditors named in the voluntary deposit declaration in proportion to the amount of their claims. As a creditor, you will receive an amount that corresponds to your share of the debtor’s total debt.

The amounts paid to you are intended to cover, in order:

  • interest on costs;
  • costs;
  • interest on capital;
  • capital.

Interest is limited at the legal rate.

If the debtor owes you money for more than one debt, each debt must be listed separately in the file to ensure that you receive the correct amount for each debt.

Frequency of distribution

In general, the amounts deposited are distributed quarterly, at the end of:

  • February;
  • May;
  • August;
  • November.

If applicable, the clerk may distribute payments more frequently.

If the debt is for support payments, the distribution takes place at least monthly.

Last update: February 23, 2023


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