Content of the declaration

The clerk can register your declaration at the office of the Court of Québec only if it contains the following information:

  • your first and last names;
  • your contact information;
  • the name and address of your employer or workplace;
  • your income;
  • the number of your dependants, if any.

You must also provide:

  • the names of your creditors;
  • their contact information;
  • the nature and amount of each of your debts (with supporting documents);
  • the amount that you undertake to deposit for payment to your creditors;
  • the payment details.

You can enter as many creditors as you like in your declaration, whatever the type of debt involved. 

You must look at your bills and most recent statements to ensure that the balance you state is up-to-date. If you do not have the current balance, you should contact the creditor concerned.

You must also tell the clerk if any of your debts are joint debts with another debtor who is also registered for voluntary deposit. 

Personal information

The clerk may ask you for your date of birth or social insurance number, health insurance number or driver’s licence number, if necessary to establish your identity and ensure that your file can be processed correctly.

However, this information can only be recorded with your consent. Even though it is entered in a computer file, it remains inaccessible to members of the public.

To learn more about this topic, see the page public access to voluntary deposit files.

Last update: February 23, 2023


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