List of eligible charging stations

Check before you shop for a charging station model whether it is included on the list of eligible charging stations.

List of eligible charging stations
(in French only)

The list is also available in Excel format (XLSX 67 Kb) (in French only) to facilitate the search for a model.

Eligibility for financial assistance

Only the charging stations appearing on the list are eligible for financial assistance in the context of the government’s Roulez vert program.

The list covers:

Technical characteristics

The charging stations included on this list are all compatible with level 2 charging operating on alternating current (AC).

In Québec, the sale or leasing of an electric device not certified by an accredited body is prohibited.

All the models included on the list of electric devices have been certified by one of the accredited regulatory approval agencies This hyperlink will open in a new window..

Last update: October 2, 2023


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